SG202 The Power of Archetypal Numbers

Numbers are one of the many aspects of life we usually take for “granted”, as we routinely juggle with them everyday from time & calendar reckoning to telephone numbers to money accounting… to simply counting the petals on a daisy…

Yet, if you care to pay attention to the numbers popping up in your life, you will realize that NUMBERS have a profound meaning, pointing to deeper & larger realities through special relationships and resonant proportions within the Cosmic Matrix.


In this SG202 module, we are going to meet Numbers as friends, allies, teachers and spiritual, intelligent principles of the cosmos. We will rediscover how to navigate the Number Field as an ocean of primordial frequencies weaving Origin into manifold manifestation. The first 2 chapters are mostly historical, offering first the traditional, sacred geometric understanding of numbers as qualities and then the story of the Hindu-Arabic numerals with their efficient “zero” and attendant quantitative, reductionist mindset. The remaining chapters are a numerical & symbolical journey into numbers 0 - 13 and some excursions among special “canonic” numbers.

SG202 offers the following chapters:
1. Numbers in Ancient Traditions
2. Modern History of Numbers
3. The Remarkable Zero
4. Archetypal Numbers 1-7
5. Archetypal Numbers 8-13
6. Canonic Numbers

Numbers are showing us the magnificent cosmic harmony of Life
preciously hidden in the apparent chaos.
They invite us back into the co-creative Dance of One!

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