SG102 History & Traditions of Sacred Geometry

At the dawn of this 21st century, we are are barely starting to uncover the rich past of humanity, constantly pushing the boundaries of time and levels of knowledge of many ancient civlizations. Ours is a time of exciting discoveries and re-discoveries, as we allow ourselves to take quantum leaps of consciousness.

In the course of history and prehistory, Sacred Geometry seems to have appeared and disappeared in a cyclical dance: periods of open public emergence have alternated with periods of complete ignorance during which the knowledge has gone underground to be only carried by small esoteric groups.

But the innate, intuitive knowledge of Sacred Geometry has been guiding human awareness all along and weaving itself, officially or not, into all human affairs.


SG102 offers the following chapters:

1. Proto Sacred Geometry
2. School of Pythagoras
3. The Classical Period
4. The Middles Ages in the West
5. Renaissance Period
Conclusion: The Contemporary Re-awakening

May we, in turn, be inspired by a long line of Sacred Ancestry!
May we be the co-creators of a new global civilization of Peace, Beauty and Harmony!
May we be the generation that re-insert cascades of phi resonances in all aspects
of our personal, community and international lives! 




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