SG103 Sacred Geometry: A Grand Tour

This Grand Tour will plant the first seeds and provide a bird's eye view of all the upcoming Sacred Geometry modules: the modules of the Introductory Cycle as well as glimpses of the 18 other modules already created or planned in the overall curriculum of the School of Sacred Geometry for the Intermedialte and Advanced Cycles. This module is designed so that you realize the scope of SG as a foundation knowledge.

This is a very compact tour, like visiting Sedona or the Grand Canyon in one day... Sometimes, a single slide will preview an entire future PowerPoint presentation module. This module will expose you to as many different aspects of SG as possible so that at least one aspect will get you excited - with the sense of awe & wonder that your cosmic child harbors within. This will possibly lead you to:
• a new line a research, study or a new hobby.
• realize the interconnections between previously separate areas of knowledge.

the start of a new business, venture or educational project

The primary teaching of Sacred Geometry is to learn again how to perceive the harmonic unity of consciousness and of the universe. In practice, it is a yoga of perception whereby we stretch between scales and we navigate between dimensions: small and large, detail and whole, human life and spirit source.


SG103 offers the following chapters:

1. Basic Principles of Sacred Geometry
2. A Grand Tour of Nature and the Cosmos
(from sub-atomic to DNA to flowers to supra-galactic)
3. A Grand Tour of Culture and Civilizations
(Music, Cymatics, Science, Art, Architecture, Eco-design,
Crop Circles, Stock Market, Mandalas, Symbols, Healing...)


Enjoy touring, re-discovering and dancing your own Self!


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