SG104 PHI: the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Series

The fractal resonance and perfect nesting of PHI entrains into a universal harmonic dance all aspects of nature, from the microcosm to the macrocosm (even gravity), as well as the human body, psychology and consciousness (even bliss), and all aspects of culture.

Throughout Cosmos, the Golden Ratio is a cascading template of optimal relationship between waves. With the PHI code, waves can both add and multiply without losing their identity. This property allows PHI to be the perfect mediator for growth and evolution, through the geometries of the Golden Spiral & Vortex.

No matter how far the multiples & sub-multiples of Phi cascade up and down the scales of magnitude (from microcosm to macrocosm, through mesocosm i.e. us the humans), they will always recognize each other, mutually embrace and enter a dance of harmonic resonance, thus creating friendly & secure highways for energy transfers.

In terms of contemporary science, PHI is the edge and bridge between chaos and order. When PHI steps into a non-linear situation, it creates the initial island of self-organization and stability: it attracts order, harmony and beauty.

SG104 offers the following chapters:

1. The Fibonacci Series
2. The Golden Ratio
3. Basic PHI Constructions
4. More PHI Constructions
5. PHI-Fibonacci Flowering
6. The Ubiquity of the Fibonacci Numbers

With PHI, you never leave Unity. With PHI, you are always home!


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