SG105 The Golden Rectangle & Golden Spiral

The Golden Rectangle is a timeless Sacred Geometry shape framing and embodying the Golden Ratio PHI. It is to be found all over nature as a template of perfect proportion. In human cultures, the Golden Rectangle has been known since remote antiquity as having a pleasant shape, and is frequently found in art and architecture as a rectangular shape that seems 'right' to the eye. It was used by all sacred cultures and, in the history of the West, is to be found in Egypt, Classical Greece, Islamic Art & Architecture and the medieval “Age of the Cathedrals”. The Golden Rectangle and Golden Ratio are mentioned in Euclid's Elements and were known to artists and philosophers such as Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer.

Nowadays, the Golden Rectangle and associated Golden Spiral and Ellipse are again of utmost interest to designers, artists, scientists and anyone interested in the Feng Shui of Harmony. The Golden Spiral is t
he 2D projection of the 3D Golden Vortex, the favorite structure of universal dynamics.

SG105 offers the following chapters:

1. The Golden Rectangle
2. Golden Grids
3. Golden Rectangle Gallery

4. The Golden Spiral

5. Golden Spiral Gallery
6. The Golden Ellipse

The spin path of the Golden Vortex is the key to perfect fractal harmony,
the implosion technology of zero-point energy and the wave harmonics of love in the heart

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