SG106 Pentagons, Pentagrams & the Penta-Modules

By tracing the five inner diagonals of the Pentagon, every two vertices, one obtains the traditional figure of the Pentagram or "5-pointed Star".

The Pentagram is the best 2D embodiment of the Golden Ratio PHI. The Pentagon/Pentagram figure is a self-similar fractal: it can self-embed to infinity because it is built upon multiples & sub-multiples of the  PHI Ratio. In fact, only two basic shapes are needed for pentagonal Golden symmetry: the Golden Triangle and the Golden Gnomon -  the two “Penta-Modules”, complementary triangles based on PHI.

The sacred symbology of the Pentagram is ageless: from emblem of the Pythagorean School to the 5th element or Quintessence... from medieval talismans to contemporary national flags and crop circles.


SG 106 offers the following chapters:

1. The Pentad
2. The Penta-Modules
3. Pentagon Constructions
4. Penta-Symmetries
5. Penta Gallery

Happy encounter with Hi FIVE!


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