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Seminars & Individual SG Sessions

For many years, in the Springtime and in Autumn, Aya was offering, in his Sedona, AZ, studio, his now classic "Seven Weeks Sacred Geometry Seminars". These are now offered upon reservation. Please contact us in advance if you and a small group are interested (minimum 4 people). See the standard program below.

As most people have specific learning goals, we now are also offering individual sessions of initiation into Sacred Geometry and programs of Intensive Training based on the time available to interested parties and their personal requirements. It can be a one-time session to get you sparked off during a short visit to Sedona or a regular session every day or two days for a period of time. Contact Aya to discuss your needs & goals and to co-create a customized Sacred Geometry program.

These Seminars or Individual Sessions are the best way to get a direct experience of Sacred Geometry as you will be presented with a variety of cross-disciplinary information, multi-media shows, hands-on creative practices, home & dream work, mystical & meditational insights, ceremonial settings and one-to-one interactions... all within the cozy context of Aya's studio, with all his Sacred Geometry toys & tools & props to facilitate your multi-sensory grasp of the essence of Sacred Geometry as a reflection of Who You Are.

Enjoy viewing studying and directly experience interaction with the PowerPoint programs
specially developed by Aya for the online School of Sacred Geometry.


Contact Aya/Staff for advance scheduling / registration

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Syllabus of the 7-Weeks Sacred Geometry Seminars:

This is the standard program of the 7-weeks seminars.
However, study programs can also be customized
the students' particular requests or applications.

Seminar #1: History & Traditions of Sacred Geometry
(Ppt: SG101, SG102, SG103)

Orientation: Purpose of the Course - Syllabus - Calendar - The Manual of SG - Options…
Intro to SG: What is SG? - SG Now - Geometer’s Tools - Canon of Proportion - SG Evidence
Brief History of SG in the West: Emergence Cycles - Origins to 21st century - Future
The School of Pythagoras: Life & Teachings - Figured Numbers - Tetraktys - Lambdoma - Musical Ratios
The Power of Archetypal Numbers (Ppt: SG202).
Brief Overview of SG in Nature & Culture. Universality of SG. Phi Scale-Invariance.
Intro to Golden Ratio: Hands-on Practices - Home Work: watch Ppt: SG103.

Seminar #2: The Golden Ratio, Pentagon & Classic Figures

(Ppt: SG104, SG105, SG106)
The Golden Ratio: History - Preference - Constructions - Phi - Growth Ratio - Phi Game
Fibonacci Series & Numbers: Leonardo Da Pisa’s Rabbits - Lusus Numerorum - Deep Structure
Examples of Fibonacci Series & the Phi Ratio: Phyllotaxis & Growth Angle - Optics - Fractals
Pentagon & Pentagram: Symbolism - SG Constructions - Penta-Modules - Quine - Examples
Vesica Piscis: Womb of Creation - The 3 Sacred Roots - Constructions - Examples
Classic SG Figures: Golden Rectangle & Spiral - Squaring the Circle - Arbelos - Golden Ellipse
Home work: practice tracing basic SG diagrams. Beginning visualization practices

Seminar #3: Music, Harmonics & Cymatics
(Ppt: SG201)
The Monochord: Introduction - Experiments in Tuning & Musical Ratios - SG & Monochord
The Overtone Scale: Musical Harmonies - Spiral of Fifths - Spiral of Fourths
Pythagorean Tuning: Musical Pitch & Well-tempered Systems - ‘Comma’ - Just Intonation
Basic Sounds Chanting: OM, Bijas, Sound Current Yoga, Mantras and Overtone Singing
Music & Sacred Architecture: The Vesica - Musical Geometries - Music & Color - Photosonics
Harmonics: Laws - A Cosmology of Harmonics - Frequency & Form - Golden Fractal Cosmos
Cymatics: Early Cymatics - Chladni - Hans Jenny - Water Cymatics - Tonoscope & Cyma Plate

Seminar #4: Sacred Geometry in 3D
(Ppt: SG107, SG108)
The Power of Angles: Using the SG Protractor - Constructions & Practice
The 5 Platonic Solids: Building Blocks of the Universe - Metatron’s Cube - Inner Harmonics
Constructing the Platonic Solids with ‘nets’: Hands-on Practice - The Star Mother
The 13 Archimedean Solids: Examples & Construction with Nets - Transformations
The Fun World of Polyhedra: Geometric Origami - Jitterbug - Building models with Zome Tools
Contemplating & wearing 3D SG: Metaforms - Jewelry - Environmental Design
Hyper-Platonics - Play with a model of the Hyper-Dodecahedron.
Class & Home work - play with and apply the Vesica Piscis: Cosmic Womb of Creation

Seminar #5:
Sacred Geometry in Nature & the Human Body
Ppt: SG204, SG205A & SG205B)
SG websites & YouTube links - Hands on examples from nature: sunflowers, shells, plants, pine cones...
Measurements of the Golden Ratio in the Human Body - Traditions & History of the Human Canon
PHI & Fibonacci resonance in DNA: geometries and latest research - PHI harmonics in Brain and Heart
Phyllotaxis and the Sacred Geometry of plants & flowers - Geometries of Pollen and Seeds
Geometries & Symmetries in Minerals & Crystals - Quasicrystals
Harmonic Proportions in Animals - Geometries in Shells - Radiolarians & Diatoms
The Power of Harmonic Unfoldment in nature and in consciousness

Seminar #6: Sacred Geometry in Science: Fractals, Quasicrystals, Fullerenes

(SG203A / SG203B)
Introduction to Fractals & Self-Similarity: Mandelbrot Set - Golden Fractal Trees - Implicate Fractal Order
Penta Symmetries Discoveries in Science: Penrose Tiling - Quasicrystals - C60 the "Buckyball"
Platonic Models: Atom Models - Platonic Chemistry - Platonic Cosmology
Fibonacci & Lucas Series in Mathematics, Nature and Technology
Vortex Science: Schauberger and other pioneers - Tracing spirals & vortices - Golden Vortex - Vortex Gallery
The New Biology: bio-photons & epigenetics - Super-coherence & Cooperation - Quantum communication
Preview of Ppt: SG301 (The Golden Cosmos). New Validation of the Harmonics of the Solar System
A Golden Matrix Universe: Coherence, Non-Locality, Scale-Invariance - Quantum PHI - Cosmic Harmony

Week #7: Completion & Review

Updates - Feedback - Review of Sacred Geometry basics - Discussion of personal SG projects
Sacred Geometry in the current culture: Architecture (Ppt: SG207), Art, Stock Market, Education, Healing...
Mandalas, Yantras and Universal Symbols: sacred vortices - Basic mandala practice
Sacred Languages, Gematrias and Magic Squares: languages of geometric & resonant harmonics
Mini practice in presenting Sacred Geometry to an audience - Sharing & Teaching SG
SG as a Spiritual Path - Inner Sacred Geometry - Golden Harmony & Bliss - Phi & The Golden Rule
How to apply SG in daily & community life - A New Paradigm of Global Harmony and Universal Unfoldment.
Presentation of the labyrinth PowerPoint (SG304A): The Labyrinth, A Mini-Pilgrimage to Self.
Co-creation of a personal mandala of symbols - Preview of online certification material



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