A Taste of Certification

For people who want more than a casual encounter with Sacred Geometry and have the desire and commitment to enter into a deeper ongoing relationship, we offer the Certification Option.
In addition to accessing the 8 PDF modules online, you will have access to the online Certification Module.

The Certification Module presents you with: study suggestions, tools you need, homework practices for each module, information about a short research paper, a quiz (and answers) for each module and short lists of resources.

You will have a special email to communicate directly with Aya/Staff and, together, we will navigate the beauties and excitements of Sacred Geometry.

     Here are the requirements for the Level 1 (Introductory Cycle)
   Sedona School of Sacred Geometry Certificate:

1. Attentively study the Introduction Level Online Modules (SG101 through SG 108). Take your time, go back oftentimes to what you already studied so that you can cross-correlate and integrate the information on many levels.
2. Keep a Sacred Geometry NoteBook/Journal and make note of your questions, ideas, suggestions, SG-related readings, experiences in daily life, dreamtime or meditation.
3. Communicate by email with Aya/Staff about your joys & challenges of learning. (A special email address will be given to you as a Certification Student).
4. Submit by email your preferred topics for a short research paper or essay before you start on it. Together, we will discuss it.
5. Mail to the School your short paper or essay (4,000 - 5,000 words) on the chosen subject.
6. Mail to the School a printed copy of all your Self-Test Quizzes (101 - 108).

   Here are some intuitive tools that can help
the Certification Student:

1. The Determination, Willingness & Commitment to make the best of your study program.
2. The Background Awareness that this study will help you to integrate many aspects of your life and open up new fields of interest, research, creative joy and possibly business for you, now and in the near future.
3. The Current Awareness, as you go about your life, of how SG is present in your daily activities and the places you visit or work at. Look at the various shapes & proportions of the objects, rooms or buildings you are familiar with: are they harmonious in themselves or between themselves, do they enhance your joy or life-force just by looking at them? Which ones do and which ones don’t? Why? … How would you re-arrange the architecture, landscapes or designs of your home or school or office to boost the harmony level?
4. The Excitment to suddenly understand and put together some hitherto unrelated bits of information floating in your mind or awareness and now finding a new, larger meaning of interconnectedness.
5. The Spirit Joy to realize the Oneness of life and consciousness, to feel embraced by a living universe of love and beauty and to co-create a global civilization of harmony for ourselves and our children.


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