SG Mini Modules


Harmonic Greetings,

These Sacred Geometry (SG) MINI MODULES are offered
as the on-going creation of on-the-go SG lessons.
They are a simplified rendition of the expanded presentations
available as PowerPoint modules on
They can also be found as blogs

The intention of these Mini Modules is to be a playful re-introduction
to the inherent HARMONY of Who We Are
as displayed in this magnificent universe.
We are creators and creatures for each other and for ourselves.
We are dancing infinity between the Small, the Large and the Whole,
weaving the Cosmic Mandala of Now.

Traditionally called "Sacred Geometry", this wisdom of Harmonic Inter-connectedness re-minds us and re-hearts us about perceiving, seeing and embracing the musical ONENESS ever present in nature, life, consciousness and the entire universe.

Reconnecting with the Uni-Verse.

The primary benefit of Sacred Geometry is to open to and reconnect with the universe in a gentle, creative & joyful way, by merging together the external human awareness of the world (outer Sacred Geometry) and the internal awareness of the infinite spirit within (inner Sacred Geometry). In practice, it is a yoga of perception whereby we stretch between scales and we navigate between dimensions (small and large, detail and whole, human life and spirit source), by seeing and exploring the holographic, fractal nestedness of it all.

As you work & play & dance with SG shapes, games, constructions and principles, you will feel an increasing feeling of BEING HOME and belonging to the universe in ever new ways - and not just because of your temporary human body. SG will give you an extra-large window into the super-mind of the Great Spirit by showing you that everything and everyone in the universe is inter-connected through vibrations of harmonic proportions, like an ocean of beautiful music. SG teaches you how to talk the universal language of harmony - which is the natural language of the universe. You will re-enter your cosmic family, like the fish becoming conscious of the ocean where it swims.

We, as humans, were taught to believe that we are separate, random fragments and that we need to fight against other people or aggressively conquer nature in order to win and have a “successful” life. This is a huge political lie. The universe is an extraordinary Dance of Love, Harmony and Beauty, as all wisdom traditions have always reported.  But human bodies are so small that we forget to comprehend the vastness of universal life and appreciate its on-going and infinite sustenance.  Yet there always is a longing to expand again into our spiritual levels and move into the next turn of the spiral of consciousness in order to realize the exquisite, efficient and all-encompassing love of the universe. There always is a longing to allow our inner bird to soar into higher flight, taking in one glance a much larger perspective of the human landscape. SG is nurturing this inner longing.

SG will immediately place you at the largest, universal scale of ONENESS, and show you how all the smaller scales are just a fractal cascade of natural harmonics expressing, throughout the multiplicity of forms, the same unity.

Bowing to You as All That Is...  
and honored to meet You in this cosmic ocean of playful dance...

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Organization of the SG Blog Lessons.

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In Celebration,