SG101 Sacred Geometry: Universal Order & Beauty

Sacred Geometry (SG, in short) is currently re-discovered as a knowledge KEY for shifting to a new paradigm of universal wholeness and loving inter-connectedness with the Web of Life.

At the frontier of current science, the universe is now glimpsed as a holographically linked, multi-dimensional, conscious organism ("Cosmos") that is infused, beyond matter, space and time, by a primordial field of intelligent energy-information. This Cosmic Field is defined as coherently whole, all-inclusive, scale-invariant, self-similar or self-referential and non-local. Within this Field, we are progressively uncovering the unique power of PHI or the Golden ratio.

The Golden Ratio, as exemplified in the Fibonacci series and the Platonic Solids, is the fractal pulse and power orchestrating "Cosmos". Etymologically, the Greek word "cosmos" means order & beauty and refers to a universe perceived as a "divine ornament".

The study of sacred geometry brings a longed for, dearly needed and substantial GIFT: to open again humanity's consciousness to the perception of a living, interconnected, supra-intelligent and essentially benevolent universe!

SG101 offers the following chapters:

1. Sacred Geometry: A Mystical Path
2. SG: Key to a New Paradigm
3. SG: A Perennial Wisdom
4. SG : A Yoga of Perception
5. SG: Toys & Tools
6. Basic Geometry: Definitions

Welcome to the power-gift of re-enchantment offered by Sacred Geometry

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