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We are living at the extraordinary and exciting times
of a global transformation to a higher order of human consciousness.
This macro-shift is simultaneously unfolding on all levels:
personal, local, national, planetary, galactic and even larger…
It is essentially a cosmic event and we are directly involved:
we are becoming Cosmic Citizens.

This is wonderful news:
we grew up as a primitive species
and we are now able to be fully conscious
of being the co-creators of the COSMOS.

We are indeed offered a unique and precious gift:
the creative power to break away from millennia of past limitations
and finally stand up as free universal beings
launching together a constructive course of human history
and welcoming a revolutionary new vision of life,
consciousness and reality.

This New Paradigm is now glimpsed
at the frontier of contemporary science,
as well as explored and applied
by an exponentially growing number of people all over the world.

The New Paradigm is the expression and resurrection
of our deep innate wisdom,
now awakening from a long sleep:
seeing again the all-encompassing,
fractal-holographic unity of life and consciousness.

At the cutting edge of science,
the universe is now glimpsed as a holographically linked,
multi-dimensional, highly harmonic,
conscious organism (“Cosmos”)
that is infused, beyond matter/space/time,
by a primordial field
of supra-intelligent energy/information
infinitely converging to Oneness.

This Cosmic Field is defined as coherently whole,
all-inclusive, scale-invariant, self-similar or self–referential,
and non-local:
an ocean of supra-conductive inter-connectedness,
a cascade of Love looping back to Source.
Let us rejoice and leap high in our hearts!
The universe is again an exquisite musical celebration
where each note modulates every other note
through instant overtonal entrainment,
where each flower dances with every other star,
each butterfly's wing flutters the global weather
and a single human intention changes the whole world...

All through the unique power of harmonic fractal resonance
carried by the master conductor of cosmic weddings:
the Golden Ratio Phi.

In this play of consciousness evolution,
we really have one best option:
step out of the old collective trance
of playing the rough dissonant music of our individual egos.

There is a magnificent orchestra of cosmic choir music
being heard closer each moment.
There is a gigantic tsunami wave
emanating from the Universal Source,
via the galactic center,
surging through every drop of our existence
and immersing every corner of our awareness.

It is engulfing us,
embracing us as a wavefront of infinite expansion
and celebrative flowering.
It is putting us through a multi-dimensional rebirthing:
watering us, firing us, airing us
and anchoring us in the ground of Being.
The dormant DNA is Sleeping Beauty now waking…
The wedding is imminent.

We live in a glorious time of great celebration
but also a time of great responsibility and commitment.
There is a lot of clean-up jobs to perform
and an exciting agenda of co-creative work to do
so that we can completely re-invent
all the structures supporting our collective & personal life, and life-styles.

Above and within all,
there is our own exciting personal growth to fully embrace
in order to adopt true attitudes of pure light and compassion.


Welcome to the Paradise-on-Earth paradigm
and congratulations for fully embracing your cosmic power
of re-enchantment and infinity!

We are always Home!


Welcome to a global civilization on earth
where we tune in, embody and co-create Beauty, Love and Harmony!
Welcome to a global human culture radiant with cosmic harmonics!