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We offer here a traditional bibliography + (soon) a growing list of media resources and web links for schools, teachings, information, research, toys & tools and related subjects... The resources mentioned in the PowerPoint modules are referenced; many other resources are new or more specialized...

Remember: the main (Re)Source is your innate Sacred Light!
The essential "Book" and the primordial "Medium" is the Book of Life.

The Book of Life is ever present & available as the grand teacher of reality.
as we allow ourselves to experience it directly, beyond received ideas & beliefs.

We suggest that you start with various harmonic parts of the Book of Life:

• The Book of Nature is displaying endless examples of harmonic patterns & structures, spiral flows and proportional/fractal waveforms & cycles: molecules, DNA, seeds, flowers, fruits (pinecones...), plants, shells, trees, landscapes, stars, galaxies...
• The Book of the Human Body is the closest exhibit of beauty and harmonic proportion we can visit on a daily basis. The human body is replete with compounded Phi-based relationships, externally and internally creating the exquisite dance of being alive.
• The Book of History & Culture offers a wealth of sites, architectures, wisdom traditions, mythologies & stories, music and arts that are glimpses of the understanding of the universe.
• The Book of Inner Spirit is the fountainhead of all the other books. Through inner focus on the source of consciousness, the observation of the mind and the awakening to the higher frequency universe within, we can navigate the fractal cascade of harmonic resonances woven through the many realms of the universe.

Once you are established in the direct experience & awareness
of perceiving and seeing Beauty & Harmony within and without,
then check with some of the written information available as books & media resources.
Yet always keep your own experience of the Book of Life as the primordial and full reference.

May you enjoy Life as a celebrative Dance of Harmony!


Sacred Geometry

Quick & Easy Sacred Geometry Books
(as recommended for the Certification Students of the School of SG)

1. Lawlor, Robert. Sacred Geometry, Philosophy and Practice. Thames & Hudson. 1982. With 200 illustrations and diagrams, this is the classic, best presentation of SG as metaphor of universal order. Deep philosophical insights, inspiring historical & cultural references and numerous hands-on tracing exercises for home practice. Easily available (used/new) through Amazon.
2. Doczi, Gyorgy. The Powers of Limits, Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art & Architecture. Shambala. 1981. The life work of a Hungarian-American architect, this book is a beautiful compendium of unique harmonic diagrams showing the golden Phi geometric patterns found in nature, art and culture. A wonderful book to browse through.
3. John Michell. The Dimensions of Paradise: the Proportions and Symbolic Numbers of Ancient Cosmology. Harper & Row. 1988. Classic introduction to the work of prolific British researcher John Michell, who educated an entire generation to the wisdom of SG.
4. Hemenway, Priya. Divine Proportion: Phi in Art, Nature & Science. Sterling. 2005. A beautifully edited and color illustrated journey through the ubiquitous presence of the Golden Ratio through time and space, from ancient cultures to latest science.
5. Schneider, Michael S. A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe: the Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art & Science. Profusely illustrated, this is a simple guide to the geometric, symbolic & harmonic patterns revealed by the archetypal numbers 1-9.
6. Livio, Mario. The Golden Ratio, the Story of Phi, the World's Most Astonishing Number. Broadway. 2002. An astrophysicist, M. Livio brings to the study of SG a wealth of scientific new data, as well as captivating vignettes from history, art and cultures.


Work in  progress!!!
The first 4 categories are posted below.

More categories will be posted in harmonic time.
Reference Websites & Media
will also be added to the SG Library resources,
as well as a Complete (searchable) Listing.

For easier reference, the bibliography has been sorted out in the following categories:

1. Ancient Western Traditions of Sacred Geometry
2. Classical Sacred Geometry
3. Music, Color & Harmonics
4. Numbers & Mathematics
5. New Paradigm Science
6. Golden Cosmos
7. Patterns in Nature
8. Mandalas & Yantras  
9. Labyrinths & Crop Circles
10. Sacred Architecture & Harmonic Building
11. Sacred Sites & Geomancy
12. Ancient Egypt
13. Sacred Visual Arts
14. Sacred Dances, Yogas & Ceremonies
15. Languages
16. Universal Symbols & Archetypes
17. Ancient Civilizations
18. Global Journey of Humanity

1. Ancient Western Traditions of Sacred Geometry

(See "Ancient Egypt" entry)

School of Pythagoras


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Gematria Tradition
(See also Sacred Visual Arts > Kabbalah)

Barry, Leo-Georges. Les Nombres Magiques Nucléaires. Dervy. 1975. 2-85076-009-9
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                                                                            Medieval Tradition

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Islamic Renaissance
(See also Sacred Architecture > Islamic Architecture & Design)

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Wikipedia. //


Italian Renaissance
(See also Sacred Architecture > Renaissance Architecture)

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Da Vinci
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Early Modern Period


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Classical Sacred Geometry

General Studies

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Golden Ratio

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Music, Color & Harmonics


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