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Single Intermediate Modules

With SG201, we are entering the Intermediate Cycle (SG201 - SG208). This SG201 module takes you on an exploration journey through the universe as made out of musical proportions. Music, as demonstrated on the monochord, is the Sacred Geometry of harmonic chords and overtone progressions. The new science of Cymatics is resurrecting this knowledge in exciting ways. A classical saying (attributed to Pythagoras) states: "There is Geometry in the humming of the strings and Music in the Spacing of the Spheres". [148+ slides and 210+ images & tables].
In traditional sacred societies, Numbers, first and foremost, expressed qualities and powers - even before pointing to quantities. They were primordial symbols of the archetypal energies at play in the Cosmos. The ancient wisdom of Numbers held that all numbers are modulations of Unity and that the first nine integers were the basic seeds of manifestation. Many historical, mythological and multi-cultural references. [165+ slides and 468+ images & tables].
SG203A is presenting the fast growing area of Sacred Geometry resurgence in contemporary science. There are so many recent & current re-discoveries that we had to split this module in two parts: 203A (or Part 1) and 203B (or Part 2). Across scientific disciplines, the formative, fractal, self-organization provided by the Fibonacci/Lucas resonance in many natural systems, is progressively uncovered and quite overwhelming. Part 1: 112 pages and 347 images.
This is Part 2 of Sacred Geometry Resurgence in Science. Here we continue our survey of an emerging new cosmic science rediscovering the ancient insights of Sacred Geometry and applying them to a new paradigm of consciousness and perception of reality. The PHI-Fibonacci Mathematics of Harmony, the quantum / non-local coherence of the Zero Point Field and the new science of vortex implosion lead to expanded glimpses of a Golden Fractal Cosmos. 119 pages & 291 images.
SG204 starts with the traditions of the Human Canon that have informed many ancient cultures, culminating with the now globally famous "Da Vinci Man". Introducing the Da Vinci woman as well, We showcase the human body as a choreography of golden proportions, all the way to the latest cosmetic surgery. The new Quantum Biology, the DNA and even the Heart/Brain all display hitherto unknown fractal levels of Phi-based wave resonance and non-local cosmic inter-connectedness. A must for artists, philosophers, naturalists as well as doctors and healers. [140 pages & 276 images].
We have already encountered examples of the harmonic patterns used & displayed by nature. SG205 is focusing upon the "nature" casually called Minerals, Plants & Animals. Traditionally, these other realms of life are perceived as integral parts of the Web of Life, where each element has its appropriate place and all contribute the the global harmony. Recent science, interestingly, is now reaching the same conclusion of inter-connectedness. SG205A is Part 1 of this double module and gives an introduction to Plants and Phyllotaxis or geometric arrangements in plants. [163 slides and 489 images].
This is part 2 of the double module SG205 giving examples of Sacred Geometry in the mineral and animal kingdoms. We are at the very beginning of a new "scientific wisdom" of nature as we have seen in the case of plant phyllotaxis. This is now extending to minerals and animals. The methodology of Sacred Geometry is a "systems' view" whereby the parts are seen in their relationship to other parts and to the whole. In this integrative approach, each organism has its own harmonic inner coherence goldenly fractal to larger systems. [166 pages & 536 images]
SG207 is addressing the harmonic qualities of space in relationship to human consciousness and describing the traditional & contemporary ways to invite this "sacredness" into buildings and environments. Architecture, in ancient cultures, was "sacred" because it was intended to provide an experience of universal harmony and interconnection between earth, humanity and heaven. Special groups of wise experts, the "geomancers", were in charge of creating buildings & environments enhancing life force. We are coming to the same point again: pioneer architecture is becoming s global geomancy. [171 slides and 606 images].