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Here you can purchase one or several of the single PowerPoint modules from the School of Sacred Geometry: SG101 to SG108. Each module is $10.

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This is a general introduction to Sacred Geometry, an ancient knowledge that is fast becoming the very foundation of the new global paradigm of expanded consciousness. A gentle approach to the subject, weaving together the various faces of Sacred Geometry as the perennial wisdom of Cosmic Harmony, Universal Order and Beauty, and offering basic insights, concepts, tools and exercises. 120+ slides and 215+ images.
SG102 is a brief journey through the highlights of Sacred Geometry, in evidence throughout the recorded traditions and artifacts of the world's (but mostly Western) cultures & civilizations. A historical overview of the ancient roots & lineages of Sacred Geometry as they weave their golden threads from Vedic mathematics through Egypt, the Pythagorean School, the Renaissance and the modern times. 115+ slides and 245+ images.
SG103 is educational "movie time". Before we embark on the more in-depth exploration of the many facets of Sacred Geometry, this module is designed to give you an overview, a Grand Tour... as we want to always keep sight of the Whole, even when we enter in the details. No homework yet - just open your mind's eye and focus it on your largest screen. A bird's eye perspective on the basic principles of Sacred Geometry, and a variety of examples from nature & culture. 170+ slides and 390+ images.
SG104 is the "Big Class" where we study more in depth the Golden Ratio PHI and the now-famous Fibonacci Series generating PHI. The Golden Proportion PHI is the hidden treasure of Sacred Geometry as well as the secret power harmonizing the cosmos. Here we delve into the PHI-based universal mathematics, geometries and symmetries underlying the reality of nature & perception. Many hands-on constructions are offered for designers & artists. 110+ slides and 165+ images.
With a short side of unit 1 and a long side of PHI = 1.618..., the Golden Rectangle is an archetypal space of growth, harmony and psychological comfort: it gives birth to the Golden logarithmic Spiral and the Golden Ellipse. SG105 is an exploration, through geometric constructions and multi-disciplinary examples, of the aesthetics and wisdom of the Golden Rectangle and the Golden Spiral, so prevalent in art and nature. Let us connect the dots! 110+ slides and 235+ images.
SG106 guides you through the symbolic meanings of the Pentagon/Pentagram figure, its classical geometric constructions via the two Penta-Modules and the various penta-symmetries recently uncovered by science, such as quasi-crystals & Fullerenes. We glimpse at examples of this spectacular figure as found all over nature and culture… 100+ slides and 205+ images.
With SG107, you are entering the fun world of 3D Sacred Geometry! This module takes you through a thorough description of the traditional 5 Platonic Solids and introduces you to the next family of polygons: the 13 semi-regular Archimedean Solids, as currently rediscovered by cutting edge science. Riding along, get a glimpse of the "Hyper-Platonics" or higher-dimensional volumes now explored by mathematicians. 165+ slides and 365+ images.
A Vesica is the archetypal shape formed by two circles intersecting each other through their centers. The Vesica is an essential figure of Sacred Geometry acting as a cosmic womb to birth the manifested universe of multiplicity. SG108 explores the geometries of the Vesica and Golden Vesica, the related figure of the Flower of Life, and the rich symbolism of the Vesica shapes found in nature & all cultures of the world. 145+ slides and 290+ images.