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Here we present extracts from the latest Sacred Geometry
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SG203A and SG203B are now available:
The Resurgence of Sacred Geometry in Science, Part 1 & Part 2

So is SG204: PHI in the Human Body, Biology & DNA
will soon be uploaded: Plants & Phyllotaxis.

We are currently completing SG205B: SG in Minerals & Animals.


Introduction to SG203

All great advances in knowledge & science have stemmed from the primordial belief that there are intelligible universal patterns behind manifested phenomena. This quest for order in apparent chaos has fueled human knowledge & fostering many cultures throughout history.  In ancient times, these patterns of creation were highlighted by certain cultures and we have inherited hints of this knowledge passed on as “tradition”. In modern times, science has strived to uncover these patterns again but the process has been slow & fragmented as science engaged in the mechanical understanding of the separated parts rather than the whole.

Nowadays, perception has been turned around: the old paradigm is, one generation at a time, replaced by the much vaster approaches implied by quantum physics and a more encompassing “post quantum” physics & cosmology is made possible and is rapidly emerging in all fields of science & consciousness research. Research itself of course is no longer the naive scenario of an “objective observer” compiling data but is progressively experienced as an interactive conscious co-creation.

Contemporary cutting-edge science is rediscovering the geometric, harmonic & fractal “self-similar” patterns & symmetries of the universe, on  all scales. A new loop is being completed on the evolutionary spiral as this is exactly what traditional Sacred Geometry has been speaking about all along. Rather than blindly exploiting convenient niches, this New Paradigm science aims at understanding the entire universe as a living whole, a unified field, a plenum of supra-intelligent energy/information. It also aims at acquiring the wisdom necessary to enter in conscious com-munication with that cosmic-level intelligence. The universe is glimpsed again by some as a gigantic orchestrated Song, with personal consciousness as the music instrument. 

The keywords, at the core of this cosmic science, are: Connectivity & Fractality.

Quantum CONNECTIVITY is now described as super-coherent, all-inclusive and non-local i.e. beyond the boundaries of space-time. And universal connectivity is now glimpsed on a cosmological level and, on a human scale, in biology, both as intra-organic coherence and trans-organic coherence, including consciousness. The Zero Point Energy or Vacuum Fluctuation field is the medium of this hyper-dimensional connectivity of the Web of Life.

Within FRACTALITY, the optimal “self-similar” nesting or cascading has been found to be PHI-based. This has been glimpsed in a few domains already and is rapidly uncovered as an invariant universal constant of optimization for the transfer of energy and information, on all scales. PHI is the Harmonic Scaling Universal constant.

Since around 1975 however, a flurry of scientific (re)discoveries has emerged to corroborate the traditional teachings of Sacred Geometry. (See a partial list next page). These discoveries are in the process of completely turning around the public image of the Golden Ratio and its manifestations, as shown by the success of the Da Vinci Code (2003).  As we are awakening to our inter-active & co-creative place in the Web of Life, on all scales, we are also understanding that there are universal codes & patterns of energy transfer underlying this exquisitely precise dance of nature, life & consciousness.

Now, at the onset of this 21st century and in time to provide a foundation to the New Paradigm taking shape in the global consciousness, we are in a position to realize that the Phi Ratio is indeed a key to the universe and we can start to possibly piece together the picture of a Golden Cosmos where Phi Ratio fractal cascades are the optimal pattern/code of relationship.

In this SG203 module, we will act as co-weavers of this collective loom of consciousness: we will survey how this New Paradigm science is encountering the ubiquitous presence of the Golden Ratio PHI & its vortexing spiral, as well as the related mathematical series of Fibonacci & Lucas and the volumetric building blocks of the universe represented by the 5 Platonic Solids and their derivatives the Archimedean Solids. PHI IS THE ULTIMATE FRACTAL!
New global technologies of nature-harmonious energy generation and use are upon us. Stay alive and creative!

List of accelerating scientific discoveries
uncovering PHI, since around 1975

-  1974.  Roger Penrose proposed a set of two tiles providing a non-periodic tiling in 2D. Based on the Phi-based Penta-Modules.
-  1975 & 1979. Synergetics I and Synergetics II, two seminal works by Buckminster Fuller on the geometry of design / Platonic Solids.
- 1976.   Robert Ammann discovered the 3D Golden Rhombohedra, formed by the fat & thin rhombi (a Penta-Modules combination).
- 1978.  First computer-generated top down view of DNA by Robert Langridge. DNA viewed as a pentagonal/dodecahedral helix.
- 1983.  Publication of The Fractal geometry of Nature by Benoit Mandelbrot who coined the term “fractal” in 1975.
- 1984.  The Becker-Hagens planetary grid, following up on works by B. Fuller & Russian researchers. Icosa-dodeca geometry.
- 1984.  Quasi-Crystals: Dan Schachtman & others published their discovery of penta-symmetry in quasi-crystals (Al-Mn alloys).
- 1985.  Discovery of the C60 carbon molecule (“Buckminsterfullerene”) and the family of “Fullerenes”.  Curl, Kroto and Smalley.
- 1986.  Nuclear model based on nested Platonic Solids proposed by Dr. Robert Moon (“Moon Model”).
- 1986.  Global Scaling Theory: matter resonates harmonically at logarithmic/fractal scales, like a melody. Hartmut Müller.
- 1990.  Tetrahedral Physics in solar system. Planetary anomalies at Star-Tetrahedron points. Richard Hoagland.
- 1990.  Discovery of DNA’s nucleotides showing super-resonance to Phi-based Fibonacci/Lucas series. Jean-Claude Perez.
- 1990.  Golden Ratio models of optimum coherence in brain and heart waves. Dan Winter & HeartMath Institute.
 1991. The structure of the C60 molecule is proven to be a truncated icosahedron (Archimedean Solid) as predicted by B. Fuller.
 1992.  Physics of the Growth Angle in Phyllotaxis explained by Douady & Couder. Growth (Golden) Angle = 137.5º =  360 / Phi square.
- 1994.  “E-Infinity” theory by El Naschie showing that the mass of quarks & subatomic particles is a function of Phi and 1/Phi.
- 1997.  Octahedral geometry structure of super-clusters of galaxies. Battaner & Florido.
- 1998.  Experimental verification by Steinhardt & Jeong of quasi-periodic tiling with overlapping decagons. STM images show that the   ratios of height between terraces are based on Phi.
- 2002.  “Spira Solaris” data proving that Golden Ratio is the key geometry factor in the ordering of the solar system. John N. Harris.
 - 2003.  Dodecahedral space topology of the universe proposed by J. P. Luminet & al.
 - 2003.  Octopole & quadrupole concepts of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation, based on WMAP data. Max Tegmark
- 2006.  Implosion Physics. Golden Ratio fractal compression of charge as electric cause of gravity. Dan Winter.
- 2008.  Fractal holographic model of Unified Field & Scaling Law of Organized Matter. N. Haramein & E. Rausher.
- 2009.  Mineralogical evidence of naturally-formed quasi-crystals in samples from Russia. Bindi, Steinhardt, Yao and Lu.
- 2009.  Golden Ratio measurements in radii of hydrogen atom. R. Heyrovska.
- 2009.  The 3 known radii of Hydrogen as perfect multiples of Golden Ratio x Planck’s length. Dan Winter.
- 2010.  Phi-based Unified Theories: Golden Matrix Cosmos / Winter. Golden Quantum Field / El Naschie. E8 Theory / G. Lisi.
- 2010.  New Fractal Field technologies using optimized Phi compression. et al.
- 2010. Golden Ratio discovered in the quantum world. Coldea, Tennant et al. Science, Jan. 8, 2010.

Upon completion of our short journey through Fractals,
we offer the following comments:

• “Fractals”, a word coined & publicized only one generation ago, has now taken over the scientific world and the global public awareness. Fractals carry a revolutionary power that is just beginning to manifest itself.
• Fractals are now fulfilling the traditional function of Sacred Geometry: teaching the wisdom of “As Above, So Below”. Their inner and outer structures are identical : they can be turned inside out. And so can we. They teach us how to be completely transparent, non-resistive and how to allow for super-conductive transfer of energy/information.
• Do not let FRACTALITY be trivialized. Fractality does not belong to the old mindset of fractionation, fragmentation or explosion. It is reconnection, the gateway to Oneness. Fractality is IMPLOSION, centripetal embrace. It is SACRED.
• Fractals are mathematically & scientifically proving the essence of Sacred Geometry: the grand inter-connectivity of the universe and the illusion of “chaos” when looked past the appearances, and, shall we say, past the fears. • Fractals describe the gap-less geometric nesting or embeddedness of energy/charge wave patterns weaving the fabric of the universe. This nesting is a zooming-in and out of Self or Sopurce.
• The self-similarity of fractals, when optimized by the Golden Ratio, is re-discovered, at an exponential rate, in all domains and on all scales of nature, as well as in biology, psychology and consciousness.  “I am your own fractal”.
• PHI FRACTAL SYMMETRY is the key to go beyond the old beliefs in separation and bridge again between the structures of the very small and the structures of the very large, between physics & metaphysics, and between  all beings: between you and me and also you and YOU.
• The GOLDEN ROAD of infinite and unified focus upon UNITY, as steps of quantum musical overtones, is an ineluctable scientific key as well as a spiritual key. No longer are we living in the war of duality. The Field of Life is unified again.
• Because a fractal creates compression and centeredness, and a Golden Mean Fractal creates infinite centered compression, we now have a mandala map for the new global awareness of a Golden Cosmos and for navigation of the multiples dimensions of manifested consciousness. The cosmic mandala is hubbed again. We can happily practice highway tunneling through space-time, dimensions & stargates and we CANNOT be lost. The universe is a fractal labyrinth: one way in and out.
• Phi fractal-based technologies are now reinventing life-enhancing, regenerative, bio-mimicry types of applications for sustaining a harmonious & happy life style all over the planet. Welcome to the inventive creativity of our cosmic children!
•  PHI is the HARMONIC FRACTAL SCALING constant of the universe.
• Not only Phi is FRACTAL but it is DOUBLY FRACTAL as it embeds into itself by addition AND by multiplication. It is the only doubly, reciprocally symmetric universal code allowing for infinite cascading from Source to Manifestation and back, in the non-local, instantaneous way of enlightened consciousness. 
• Manifesting the perfect positive interference of phase-conjugation, PHI fractality rises above mortality and all politics to provide the Golden Thread encoding all spirals of evolution, from sub-atomic vortices to DNA to galactic clusters, in a scale-invariant and dimension-invariant way. No longer are we body-bound.

The universe was already suspected to be based on SYMMETRIES.
Now, it is described as functioning with FRACTAL SYMMETRY.
Ultimately, it will be known to be based on PHI FRACTAL SYMMETRY.
It is going fast!
We need this cosmic science
to back up the New Paradigm higher evolutionary spiral of human consciousness.

SG203 - The Resurgence of Sacred Geometry in Science
is now available and comes in two sections:
SG203-A and SG203-B

Re-thinking Technology
(in the "Vortex Science" chapter of SG203B)

The observation of nature's processes based on vortical motion and the new concept of implosion oblige us to access a larger understanding of how the universe functions. As pointed to by an increasing number of thinkers, scientists and visionaries, a New Paradigm science is dawning. It is larger because it is bridging over to wisdom as it is involving us, as agents of conscious awareness. In the next & final chapter of SG203-B, we will review this upcoming "grade" of science revealing itself at the cutting edge of human evolution.

Meanwhile, on the practical level of global survival, we have to entirely re-think the technologies we have been developing since over a century. Patching up and implementing a few environmental measures is plainly pityful & criminal re: humanity. We need to see very big and to start from an entirely different foundation: we need to work WITH rather than AGAINST nature in order to invent and apply real solutions to today's challenges of power & energy generation.

Because of the vested interests of elitist power groups, current technology is based on EXPLOSION, that is the process of extracting the coal, gas and oil resources stored, during evolutionary eons, in the womb of Mother Earth and exploding them in order to produce the power to heat/cool our homes, drive our cars, trucks & planes and run our appliances and industrial parks. In addition, exploding the atom has been developed and presented as a viable alternative, regardless of the extraordinary dangers of radiation and misuses for warfare. Let us face it: explosion is the foundation of our modern "civilization" and "happy modern living".

However, as we have painfully become aware of, the EXPLOSIVE PROCESS IS PRIMITIVE: not only it is extremely wasteful and inefficient but is it totally un-sustainable, even in the most short-sighted term. The process of explosion, however useful it may seem to our arrogant ways, is an insult to any responsible management of the planet.  Most of the chemical energy stored in fuel is lost in the conversion process into mechanical or electrical energy. "To travel a distance of 1000 km (~600 miles) in an average car requires an energy expenditure of 1000 kW. This equals the energy requirement of one human being to live and do all his physical and intellectual activities for one year."  (Callum Coats, Living Energies.)

Most of the energy produced by the explosive use of fossil or nuclear fuels is lost through frictional resistance, which creates useless or harmful waste heat. In nature, unlike explosion technologies, minute temperature differences will cause very large changes. Cold fusion and biological transmutations happen with slight changes of the temperature gradients. The earth's elements (the waters, the lands, the atmospheric currents…) respond to equally small fluctuations in temperature. Same for the human body: when our temperature increases by half a degree above normal, we stop feeling good... Moreover, combustion by explosion of fuels generates polluting by-products and depletes the overall oxygen, thus making the entire web of life unwell.  Explosive technologies are clearly a dilapidation of our human family inheritance and a blatant ignorance of future generations.

On an historical  level, the phase of explosive technology is equivalent to the teen-age period of a human being and its blind urge to dilapidate the family's inheritance for mere self-gratification. As a life-style and level of awareness, explosion is an externally oriented focus favoring sudden outbursts rather than inner processing and a predator-type of behavior looking externally for desirable sources of energy and grabbing them, by force if necessary: it leads to a corrosion of ethical and spiritual values as the well of inner energy has been covered & disawowed.

By harmonious contrast and evolutionary balance, technologies of IMPLOSION, as glimpsed in this chapter, are the next phase of human civilization. These nascent technologies of creative bio-mimicry are increasingly revealed by the growing global awareness of cooperation with nature, sustainability within larger systems in space & time, all-inclusivity of life and consciousness, perception of higher-dimensional formative forces, rediscovery of the wisdom built into traditional ways, new scientific breakthroughs in the fractal order of the universe… and just plain human common sense.

Water is the new teacher. Water is showing us how to follow the path of least resistance, how to seek, create and enter vortices, how to reduce conflict by implosively curving more and more inwards (the CURVE of hyperbolic geometries) and refraining from the gut-based controlling power of aggressive, straight shooting motion (the LINE of Euclidian coordinates).


We are moving from an instinctual technology & science of rowdy boys
to the co-creative wisdom of more mature citizens of the cosmos.

  LATEST !!! The following SG modules have been completed
and available as modules and books.

SG205A - The Sacred Geometry of Nature: Plants & Phyllotaxis
SG205B - The Sacred Geometry of Nature: Animals & Minerals
SG207 - SG in Architecture, Sacred Sites & Green Design

Note: We have also completed SG304 - Labyrinths: a Mini-Pilgrimage to Self