SG108 The Vesica Piscis: Cosmic Womb of Creation

Also called Mystic Almond, Mandorla (“almond” in Italian), Stargate or Cosmic Yoni…, the Vesica is the essential step in traditional Cosmo-Genesis, as the Primordial Sphere (Monad or Divine Source) begins to “look at itself” and starts differentiating into “another itself”.

In terms of Sacred Geometry genesis, the two circles forming the Vesica are the the Cosmic Parents: the Father-God and the Mother-Goddess. From the Primordial Sphere extending itself half way as the “Other Parent” comes the Womb (“Creative Void”) to conceive and birth the Child or Manifested Universe.

The Vesica Cosmo-Genesis is completely self-referencing. It is the extension of Self (primordial Sphere) into its Partner Self by one radius unit. It is also an invitation to extend ourselves to other Partners of Self, to reach out by one arm’s length, to touch each other’s hearts.


SG108 offers the following chapters:
1. The Vesica Piscis
2. Geometries of the Vesica
3. The Flower of Life Geometries

4. Medieval Vesicas
5. The Symbolism of the Vesica
6. Contemporary Vesicas

Who is looking back at you, from the eye of the Vesica?


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